Elderly Gentleman Has UNEXPECTED Use For A Muzzleloader


Muzzleloaders are fascinating firearms, though, I expect that most Americans think about the American Revolution when they think of them. They’re interesting historically, but in this day and age of modern firearms, they just don’t think of them as something that people use except for the interesting experience of reliving that bit of history and, for the more adventurous of them, being able to say that they shot an historical firearm.

Now, of course, there are modern muzzeloaders and many people enjoy black powder hunting. Aside from that specialized use, though, even firearms enthusiasts don’t tend to hear about muzzleloaders in any other modern contexts.

But a guy in Vermont had a very different use for his muzzleloader recently. Dave Urbanski writes,

A 75-year-old Vermont homeowner opened fire with a muzzleloader allegedly after three armed men tried to breaking into his residence late Tuesday night.

Gordon Richard Sr. told investigators the trio tried breaking into his home on Sandy Hill Road in the town of Georgia through a locked interior door from a separate section of the residence where his son lives, WCAX-TV reported, citing state police.

Richard added to police that he shot one of the men with a muzzleloader, shut the door, and called 911, the station said.

Urbanski continues:

Troopers found 39-year-old Paul Brown of Milton and St. Albans wounded in a neighboring yard, the station said, adding that he was rushed to a hospital, where he was listed in critical condition Wednesday.

Now, for this man’s sake, I’m glad that he had his muzzleloader with him and loaded (which isn’t necessarily the quickest process). If it hadn’t been ready to fire, this story may have had a different outcome, and not in his favor.

Having said that, though, I think that I’ll stick with modern firearms for my protection. Less chance of someone catching me off guard in my own home that way.

What about you? Comment below.

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