DISGRACED Congressman Tries To Gaslight Americans


American politics (and probably politics everywhere) is a giant dumpster fire in action most of the time. People clown around trying to get soundbites that they hope that the press will hype for them so that they can trick people into votes without actually doing any real good for their constituents.

Believe me, I wish that I were wrong about that.

But even among blatant hypocrites and scumbags in politics, there are a few whose bald-faced gall is just astounding.

Take California Democrat Congressman Eric Swalwell. This guy had a relationship with an alleged Chinese spy and was still on the House Intelligence Committee and the committee overseeing the CIA. He’s had more than his share of controversy about where his loyalties lie.

And being a California Democrat, it’s no surprise that he’s all in for gun control. And that’s not just media outlets reporting it. He talks about his support for gun control on his website.

But even after being busted for alleged ties to the Chinese Communist Party and getting leftists in the Democrat Party re-elect him multiple times, he has the brazenness to blame other politicians for the effect of his own anti-gun, anti-American policies. Alex Nitzberg writes,

Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell of California suggested in a post on X that “soft on violent-crime prosecutors” are allowing people to endanger children.

He made the comments in response to a news story about an Oakland carjacking. A young child had been in the vehicle when it was taken. Video footage showed an individual emerge from the vehicle with the child and leave the young boy alone outside. The child was later reunited with his mother and the vehicle was recovered.

Nitzberg also noted:

The left-wing congressman has been serving in the U.S. House of Representatives for more than a decade.

The irony of this whole story is that Swalwell is exactly right that leftist DAs are allowing criminals to run rampant in Democrat strongholds. That is a major factor as to why crime, including gun crime, is especially high in those areas.

But Swalwell is trying to place the blame on those DAs for the kinds of policies that he has been pushing in Congress for years.

Americans deserve better than to be represented by dishonest people.

And it’s doubly sad that the mainstream news media that so many trust to inform them won’t call out Swalwell for this hypocrisy.

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