Immigrant BLOWS UP Liberal Gun Narrative In 35 Seconds [Video]


One of the most frustrating things for me, as someone who was born here in the U.S., is to see how many other people born in the U.S. have absolutely no clue about how important the freedoms in our Bill of Rights are to our quality of life. So many people don’t value the right to free speech, the right to not have to suffer through illegal search and seizure, or the right to bear arms.

They either weren’t paying attention in civics class in school, or they were brainwashed while in school (I’ll let you decide which is the case).

Fortunately, though, you do occasionally hear from someone who legally immigrated to the U.S. who knows what the deal is when it comes to freedom. It’s refreshing to say the least.

But have you ever met someone who has escaped a communist country? Maybe one of those rare people who escaped North Korea, which has possibly the single most repressive government in the entire world?

That’s what we have with Yeonmi Park, who is now an activist for traditional American values here in the U.S. after her difficult escape from North Korea. And her thoughts on the Second Amendment and private gun ownership in America? Hear her yourself below.

Short, simple, to the point. In 35 seconds, Yeonmi Park clearly states why private gun ownership, the Second Amendment, is important and should be important to all Americans, and that all people worldwide should have that right for themselves.

In fact, think how much more free the rest of the world would be if they had private gun ownership.

And dictators, like the leaders in North Korea, but, also, like those trying to seize absolute power in other countries and in the White House here in the United State, know that, too.

And that’s the real reason that they keep trying to ban guns.

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