SCARY Impressive Firearm Alternative? [Video]


Screen capture from YouTube video.

What looks like a shotgun but isn’t a shotgun? Hypothetically, lots of different things can be made to look like shotguns (or rifles) without having the internal mechanics of one of those types of guns.

But what if you took most of those internal mechanics from a .22 rifle and, then, set it up to use a different type of projectile than a bullet. What would that be like?

Well, if you’re the guy over at the Kentucky Ballistics YouTube channel, you might call it a non-firearm firearm that is “more powerful than any crossbow.” No kidding.

And he’s got the chronograph measurements that may prove it.

Now, to be forewarned, this guy throws in a fair amount of silly stuff that made me laugh, but he also has some very cool things going on in the video including multiple test shots. You can check it out below.

Did you watch the video? Is that one of the crazier “guns” that you’ve every seen?

I mean, who had the idea of taking a .22 cartridge but, instead of pairing that cartridge with a bullet into a self-contained unit to load into the gun, instead has you load an arrow in the end of the barrel?

I have no idea, but I have to say, this looks like a lot of fun to take out and shoot with.

Having said that, I’d rather opt for a gun with sights on it, which the one in the video didn’t have, but, hey, if you have the extra cash to buy an unusual weapon like this arrow gun, then, I suspect that you’re okay to spring to have sights installed, too.

As far as how practical this thing is, I’d personally just opt to use a regular gun (and probably more powerful than a .22) if I needed a rifle for practical purposes. After all, you’re losing the quiet of a bow or crossbow by using the .22 cartridges with the arrow gun.

But if you’re just wanting something a bit different for fun, this arrow gun may be something to look into, after all.

What do you think? Comment below.

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