Republicans FINALLY Grow Backbones And Oppose Dem Efforts Against You


As a supporter of Second Amendment rights and the Constitution, I’ve been repeatedly frustrated over the years as Republicans, who campaigned as gun rights advocated, gave in to Democrat pushes for gun control over and over again.

It’s been infuriating to watch them roll over and work with Democrats on policies that they were elected to oppose.

But it looks like enough Republicans in the Senate finally grew some… backbones… and shut down Democrat efforts to go after your Second Amendment rights. Michael Clements writes,

Republicans blocked Democrat efforts in the Senate to ban certain types of semi-automatic rifles and to require universal criminal background checks for firearms sales on Dec. 6.

Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) objected to a call for unanimous consent on a so-called “assault weapons ban” by Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), the Senate Majority leader.

Clements continues:

Mr. Barrasso said the proposed legislation would ban firearms that are in common use based on a gun’s cosmetic features. He said the key to keeping Americans truly safe would be to address mental health care funding and to allow police to enforce the law.

“[Republicans] want Americans to be safer in their communities, their homes, and their schools,” Mr. Barrasso said. “Americans have a Constitutional right to own a firearm. The Second Amendment is freedom’s essential safeguard.”

Democrats in Congress and in the White House keep trying to steal your rights when they know it won’t make any difference at all in public safety (which is the excuse that they keep using to push for gun control).

Why? Because criminals and those who have decided to become criminals have already decided to break the law. Felons already break laws consistently, now, by getting their hands on firearms. Why would another crappy gun control law stop them if they don’t already obey the ones on the books?

Americans need real solutions to keep themselves safe, and those solutions involves private gun ownership, not gun bans. Because governments can only try to find and punish those who assaulted or killed a person after the fact. They can’t be everywhere to prevent the crime, and you must be able to defend yourself in the moment.

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