ATF Raids Gun Dealer. What It Means For YOU


Joe Biden’s ATF seems to be looking to become the embodiment of everything that the founding fathers of the United States opposed: oppression, government overreach, and what some characterize as outright theft of private property (as in no due process at all).

With newly minted rules that stretch laws to the limits of credulity in what the ATF is saying that the laws apply to, along with a huge increase in aggression around private firearms ownership and legal sales of firearms, it seems clear that the ATF is seeking to become the right hand of a Biden overlord administration.

Now, if you’re not familiar with the disturbing trend of ATF open hostility to private gun ownership in the U.S., then, you need to look no further than the case of an Oklahoma FFL holder. Michael Clements gives us the ugly details:

As agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) left Russell Fincher’s house with 50 legally-owned firearms and his freshly relinquished Federal Firearms License (FFL), they offered him a tip.

“They said, ‘Tell all your FFL friends we’re coming for them next,’” Mr. Fincher told The Epoch Times.

An ATF spokesman said he could not comment on the June 16, 2023, raid at Mr. Fincher’s home in Tuskahoma, Oklahoma.

Now, if Fincher’s statement is true, it seems pretty clear that the ATF is coming for all FFL holders. Then, if you’ll remember, the Biden administration is wanting to require everyone who sells a gun, for pretty much any reason, to have an FFL to sell it (you can read more about that here).

So, if you have to have an FFL to sell pretty much any gun in any situation and the ATF is revoking FFLs, then, how soon before they put everyone who legally buys or sells a gun in jail?

These antics from the Biden administration and their ATF are nothing more than excuses to try to get around the Second Amendment to keep Americans from legally having guns (while being able to say that they haven’t “technically” banned any guns).

If this goes on, anyone who cares about the Constitution will be a criminal in the eyes of this Federal government.

The American people deserve better, and we can’t get these clowns out of office fast enough.

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