A 5.7×28 Real-World Storm Trooper Blaster?


When I was a kid, Star Wars was all the rage, and while storm troopers (the Empire’s military, for those unfamiliar with the series) couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn when shooting at someone, they still had the coolest looking weapons.

Now, the Star Wars movies were written originally to be kids movies, so, it makes sense that the bad guys were terrible shots. It made it more exciting for the kids watching without the unpleasant reality of woundings in a gun fight (even if it was a laser gun fight), but, maybe, you’re one of those people who wants to bring those cool-looking blasters into the real world (only with better marksmanship).

If that’s you, then, Ruger may have the solution for you. In fact, Garrett Negen writes that “[picking] up [the Ruger LC Charger] for the first time is a strange experience. It’s long, awkward, heavy, and looks suspiciously like a stormtrooper’s E-11 blaster.” Negen also writes that “this is the closest thing we can get to the unobtainable H&K MP7.”

Either way makes this pistol intriguing to those in the know. Negen continues:

This gun is definitely a fun range toy but it has a couple of practical applications too. First, the compact size makes it a great candidate for a truck gun. Unlike a rifle, It Is small enough to fit under the front seat of my truck. The sling also gives me stability for longer shots that I wouldn’t have with my Glock 19. 

I also think it would make a good home-defense gun. It is easier to maneuver than a rifle and, once again, it offers more stability than a traditional pistol. The sling could add another advantage if the intruder got the drop on you. They will have a much harder time wrestling the gun away from you if it is slung to your body. 

No matter how you configure this gun, my main advice is to train with it. Your shooting experience may not transfer to this platform as seamlessly as you expect.

Not really much of a surprise there, if you think about it. This pistol is larger than most pistols these days, but it is different than a carbine, so, it’s going to have it’s own unique experience for using it in the real world.

Having said that, Negen spoke positively of the LC Charger overall, so, if you’ve always wanted your own storm trooper blaster (or H&K MP7), then, the Ruger LC Charger may be a gun to consider for your next purchase.

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