What Should You Do When The ATF Comes To Your Door? [Video]


There is a disturbing trend that we’re hearing more and more about under the Biden administration’s ATF where the ATF is going to people’s doors (sort of like vacuum cleaner salesmen but worse) and asking to check the serial numbers on your guns.

As if they don’t know those serial numbers if you legally purchased them.

It sounds like they’re hunting for things to go after legal gun owners for. You can find out about one incident of this happening in Delaware here, and you have to ask, why are they looking? What’s their underlying intent for wanting to “check up” on legal gun owners like this?

Fortunately, you do have options as to how to respond if this situation happens to you, and our friends with Georgia Gun Owners give us five things that you should do (or not do) if the ATF does come knocking on your door. You can learn about them in the video below.

Now, if you didn’t take the time to watch the video, it’s worth the less than 18 minutes to watch all of it so that you can get more context and detail for the five steps. If you’re needing a quick review, though, these are the five steps that Aaron Dorr mentions in the video:

  1. Never respond with anger
  2. Do not give consent (and if you have given consent, withdraw/revoke that consent)
  3. Do not engage in conversation
  4. Call a lawyer
  5. Record everything (and get the recording into the hands of a third party so that your recording can’t be confiscated)

Those are solid suggestions that can save you a ton of headaches if the situation turns into a court case.

Ideally, though, your legal non-cooperation is all that it should take to keep them off of your back and out of your hair.

And, if the current administration cared at all about their oath to uphold the Constitution, they wouldn’t be taking these steps to violate your Fourth Amendment rights, so, we need these people voted out of office as soon as possible.

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