1 State Having To Deal With UGLY FALLOUT Of Gun Policies


One of the most frustrating things about dealing with people in the world today (which has probably always been a problem) is that there are so many people who are utterly convinced that their position on an issue is right regardless of how clear logic shows them to be wrong or how many times history has shown that this person’s position on an issue doesn’t get them the outcome that they claim that they want.

There are any number of issues that this is true about, and, yet, you continue to see people spouting off stuff with absolute conviction when it’s clear (to anyone who actually knows the subject) that the position will have the exact opposite effect than the stated intended effect.

Since we’re on a site about firearms, we’ll stick to that issue here, and today’s story is a slap in the face to all of those people who think that gun control is a good idea. And, sadly, normal everyday people are having to deal with the fallout of those wrong ideas. Patricia Tolson writes,

The number of homicides in Washington state has skyrocketed recently, data show, which a Second Amendment advocate attributes to the enacting of a couple of gun control measures.

According to a report released July 10 […], the rate of murders, violence, and property crimes rose across Washington state in 2022, while the number of law enforcement officers available to respond and protect citizens decreased.

Specifically, the report revealed that there were 394 murders in 2022, an increase of 16.6 percent over 2021 and the highest number of murders since the Washington Association of Sheriffs & Police Chiefs (WASPC) began recording this data in 1980. Homicides increased by 96 percent since 2019 and violent crimes increased by 8.9 percent.

A 96% increase in homicides? Yes.

Yet, the clowns who keep pushing for more gun control keep telling people that they want it in order to save lives.

The question that people need to be asking is, “How many more people need to die each year with gun control than would have died without it before we realize that gun control is a horrible idea?”

Apparently, in the State of Washington, double the number of people, at least, are having to die, and, yet, you can bet that those anti-2A zealots still keep pushing for that failed idea.

At some point, maybe we should ask if gun control advocates are actually trying for depopulation and not for saving lives.

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