Politician DESTROYS Gun Violence Statistics [Video]


Screen capture from YouTube video.

Over the last month or two, YouTube has been recommending video shorts from a guy with a beard making snaarky commentary about various subjects (sometimes political, sometimes not) and, usually, finishing the video short with a sip from a coffee mug that often, also, has a snarky, sarcastic comment on it.

I like snark and sarcasm, so, I found them to be pretty consistently funny. They make me think that this is the kind of guy that I’d like to sit down and have a cup of coffee with.

It turns out that this guy is in politics, which would, normally, make me suspicious of how genuine and worth having a cup of coffee with this guy really is.

Then, I caught this video from him on the floor of his legislature in which he logically, systematically, and persuasively takes apart the gun violence statistics that the anti–2A political left keep pushing to justify taking our guns. And I’m thinking, again, that if I ever run into this guy in person, I’m buying him a cup of coffee. You really need to watch the video, too, which is why you can see it below.

As you can see from this video, Nick Freitas is obviously a politician. Maybe we shouldn’t hold it against him because what he says makes sense to anyone who is willing to think rationally about the issue of violence in our society.

He calls out the anti–2A people in the legislature that he is in, and he calls their accusations “verifiably false,” which is the truth. Calling something that anti–2A politicians say “verifiably false” is a polite way of saying that anti–2A politicians are lying about gun violence, its causes, and its solutions.

And Freitas is absolutely correct about that: anti–2A “arguments” against private gun ownership and carrying of firearms aren’t arguments. They are lies and emotional attacks that they try to pretend are arguments, and those anti–2A “arguments” will see more innocent and law–abiding Americans killed by criminals.

And that’s why we can never give in to any gun control proposals. Ever. Because human lives are too precious to be given up for lies and emotional tirades from the anti–2A side of the issue.

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