Pence Takes SHOCKING Position On Shooters


Mike Pence, Vice President under Donald Trump, isn’t known for having the bombastic commentary and fiery social media feeds that Trump had both in office and before and after office. In fact, Pence is known for being a stable, calm, unruffled guy.

Because of that reputation, Pence’s recent comments about what he thinks should happen to school shooters may surprise you.

It’s certainly not something that I expected for him to say. Michael Clements writes,

Former Vice President Mike Pence told the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) Leadership Forum that the solution to school shootings and increased violent crime isn’t the plan pushed by Democrats.

“We don’t need gun control; we need crime control,” Pence told the group. “We need solutions to protect our kids.”

Pence is right on point with these comments. Pence also called for armed guards in all public and private schools in America which may not be a bad idea.

The surprising part of Pence’s comments came after this, though. Clements continue:

A second element of his plan to deal with school shooters is to ensure they are dealt with quickly in the legal system.

Pence said it is an affront to society that the confessed murderers of American schoolchildren sit in prison for years.

He called for a federal death penalty statute for those who commit mass murder in a school.

The law would call for an accelerated appeals process resulting in “execution in months, not years.”

That one took me by surprise. Mainly because Pence hasn’t been known for being one advocating for harsh policies.

Having said that, it seems likely that most political conservatives in America, including most legal gun owners, will agree with Pence that implementing a quick death penalty for school shooters is a good idea.

Many legal gun owners, though, would rather see that school shooter’s death happen (as a likely side effect of stopping the shooter) before they have the chance to kill any kids as soon as they pull a gun on school grounds to initiate violence.

What do you think? Comment below.

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