Should You Get This New Red Dot For Your Pistol?


Red dot sights are getting more and more popular on pistols these days.

Now, of course, some people argue that a shooter should be comfortable and accurate using their sights already on the firearm. Not, though, that most advocates for using red dots advise you to train both using the sights on the gun and using the red dot. Yes, be able to use your sights if something happens to your optic, but, also, why deny yourself every advantage that you can get if that’s what it takes to save your life?

With the move toward optics, some manufacturers are more well known than others, Among those best known manufacturers is Holosun, but even Holosun has been making optics for pistols long enough that there are now companies making modifications for those optics. Jennifer Sensiba gives us details about one of these modified Holosun optics:

A couple weeks ago, Primary Arms sent me a Holosun 507C-X2 red dot sight, but with a unique DNA twist you can only get from Primary Arms. Instead of the usual red dot, circle, or red dot inside a circle, Holosun sights usually come with, Primary Arms sells them with an exclusive ACSS Vulcan reticle. Instead of a dot, the PA-upgraded Holosun displays a 10 MOA tall chevron in the middle of a huge 240 MOA circle.

Sensiba continues:

In my testing, including dry fire practice until my arms hurt several times, as well as a couple hundred live fire rounds on the range, the circle-and-chevron system works as advertised [to get you back on target quickly]. Any time I didn’t get the chevron on the glass, my brain automatically corrected and got me back to the dot with minimal delay.

The only word of caution I’d give to anyone making this their first red dot is that you don’t want to rely on the circle. It’s a great tool for getting it right faster in difficult situations, but you don’t want to draw, see the edge of the circle, and correct every time you shoot.

Like any pistol RDS, you need to train to make the reticle show up in the glass without relying on the circle.

Obviously, Sensiba likes this modification, but, like any other modification, whether a person prefers this modification or not will be purely a personal preference issue.

If you’re in the market for a red dot sight for your pistol, though, this may be one to consider.

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