Did 1 Anti-2A Governor Video Himself Breaking Gun Laws? [Video]


Is it just me, or do you get irate about how absolutely ignorant anti-2A politicians are when it comes to firearms, too?

We see it nearly everyday. Some anti-2A politician makes a ridiculous statement about how a 9mm bullet can blow a person’s lung completely out of their body (see here for that) or about how an AR-15 is more dangerous than a hunting rifle without having any clue at all about caliber of ammunition or any other factors involved.

And I would say, “Don’t get me started about when they show that they don’t even know the basics of gun safety,” except, that’s exactly where we’re going today. Yes, the anti-2A governor of one state may have actually committed a crime with his blatant safety violation while filming himself in an anti-2A propaganda video. I’m not kidding (hat tip to here for the lead). You can watch the video below.

Did you notice the violations of even basic firearms safety procedures in that video? Waiving a firearm around with no consideration of who or what you are pointing it at. It’s appalling.

And, then, there is this to consider: Did Newsom break the law in that video? USLegal.com gives us a definition to consider:

Federal law defines brandished as, “with reference to a dangerous weapon (including a firearm) means that all or part of the weapon was displayed, or the presence of the weapon was otherwise made known to another person, in order to intimidate that person, regardless of whether the weapon was directly visible to that person. Accordingly, although the dangerous weapon does not have to be directly visible, the weapon must be present.” (18 USCS Appx § 1B1.1)

Now, Newsom waived around that firearm for the purpose of scaring ignorant viewers. In other words, he was trying to instill fear in people to get them to support gun control, but what is instilling fear by showing a firearm but a type of intimidation?

To put it plainly, Newsom may have broken a law. Sadly, though, it seems pretty unlikely that he’ll suffer any legal repercussions over this while you and I would be absolutely crucified for doing the same thing.

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